As a sweet treat fanatic I am the often first to hold judgement over something labeled a ‘treat’ followed by the words ‘100% raw’. Yes, it may be 100% organic, gluten-free, wheat-free and 100% good for you; but is it 100% delicious?

After a beautiful breakfast at Two Birds One Stone this weekend, a friend and I steadily made our way towards Prahran Market. We sauntered the isles for a good while, grabbing tasters as we passed the stalls. Both our foodie radars guided us towards Ripe Organic Green Grocers and their overflowing crates of organic fruit and veg.

The sweet obsessed part of my brain steered me straight to the chiller looking for ‘not-so-good-for-you-good-for-you’ treats. I was surprised to find an abundance of indulgent fare, but couldn’t help wondering if any of it would actually taste as yummy as it made out. The range from Botanical Cuisine stood out from the rest; beautiful jars labelled in a simple yet elegant design, packed full of goodness, looking ever so scrumptious. Pretty much calling out for us to take one home.


We took a jar each, ‘Melbourne Nights’ for myself, ‘Almond Cointreau’ for my friend. We swore to devour each of them whilst indulging in that evenings episode of Masterchef – Totally tragic, but hey, what else are Sunday’s for?…

When I returned home, I kept the jar in its brown paper bag and hid it at the back of the fridge away from the two gluttonous males in my household. Once they had both disappeared in front of their computers for the night, I ran to the fridge, rummaged through to the back and whipped off its golden lid.


The first layer was a rich chocolate crumb, teasing me to uncover the layers beneath. This was followed by a solid slab of chocolate-like-bliss, that once devoured, it was almost ok to stop right there. Who am I kidding? I kept on digging and reached the creamy centre flavoured with a hint of coconut – Sublime. I reached another disk of solid chocolate. In between the layers I could taste the freshness of raspberries and the richness of vanilla and coffee. It was pure heaven.

Safe to say the jar was licked clean and thankfully no one was there to witness my moment of weakness. For a product labelled dairy free, gluten-free, raw and organic – it was arguably one of the tastiest desserts I have eaten in a long time. I could quite possibly have just been converted.