A Centre For Everything

When I recently moved suburbs within Melbourne I thought it was about time that I got to know the ‘community’. It is often in circumstances like this when we discover the conventional neighborhood watch, tried and tested book clubs or the local yet incredibly amateur theatre society. It’s fantastic that gatherings like this are still bringing the community together, but a part of me wanted to discover a new, interesting way of meeting people.


I first came across the new ‘meet’ whilst checking my weekly bulletin from Broadsheet Magazine. The philosophy behind A Centre For Everything, “natural, somewhere in between a friendly classroom and a dinner party” seemed ideal and we were notified of our spots in the workshop the following day.

A Centre For Everything is the brainchild of two Melbourne based artists Gabrielle de Vietri and Will Foster. The aim of each fortnightly workshop is to bring together a number of separate interests combined with a collaborate feast. As partakers, we weren’t told the ‘secret location’ until the night before, making the mystery surrounding the event fascinating.


As myself and Miss C walked up to the gate, we were welcomed in the kitchen by a group of friendly faces and the smell of toasted peanuts. I was half expecting tonight to be a little ‘out there’, but so far so good – no crazies.

The evening began with a simple ‘personality test’ and a few funny questions to set light-hearted tone of the night. The group moved into the living area where homemade placards with a simple tick on one side and a red cross on the other were awaiting us. After what felt like 100 questions, we were able to identify what kind of personality we had as a group.

A Centre For Everything

Next up was our educational sector for the evening.


Freelance writer and all-round project enthusiast Michael Green knows his shit, literally. Michael’s presentation about sewer history, how to create your own composting toilet and the impact that peeing down the toilet every day is having on our environment was fascinating.

A Centre For Everything


After lots of brain cogs churning and our bellies rumbling, it was time to get feasting! To celebrate the wonderful summer gone by, we all joined forces to create our own delicious rice paper rolls. With what felt like the entire contents of the local Asian grocers at our fingertips we managed to churn out some pretty impressive bites.

A Centre For Everything

Conversation was in full swing by this point as networking ‘who knows who’ began to take place. The location and concept behind the project suggests that this would appeal to the creative types. A show of hands showed that over 85% of those in attendance were artists.

Having a very satisfied tummy and a brain ticking overtime, the evening had proved a great success. Hat’s off to Gabrielle and Will who have created a unique experience formula for everyone and everything.