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Earlier this week I made the decision to go back to school. Well, not literally, but I wanted to get back into the habit of learning, and learning with others.

I want to learn how to do things that seem to come so naturally to others. Learn how to make things that I will still want to make in twenty years time, and more importantly, learn that it is never too late to try.

Growing up, it seemed like my mother knew how to do absolutely anything. Stitching buttons, sewing ripped hemlines, knitting blankets, and all while making dinner for a family of 5. In today’s society, I wonder if I am lacking the skills that back then made women ‘women’? People call me ‘domesticated’, but heck, I can’t even make jam!

So, this Tuesday I headed to Laneway Learning for my first class – Homemade Jams: Serenade your senses.

Laneway Learning is the brainchild of Mark Gregory, Kim Hay, Lucie Bradley and Tom Ding. Four Melburnians with a passion for learning. Taken from a concept found in New York, the idea is simple; cheap, informal classes taught by normal people.

This weeks class was hosted by Little Mule Cafe, one of Melbourne’s many laneway cafes. Upon arrival I was greeted by the Laneway team and given handouts for the session ahead. The class soon filled up, and people in attendance were of all ages. It was great to see such a mix. The class itself was fun, with light-hearted banter and lots of questions. You could even grab a coffee if it took your fancy. Ami was our teacher for the night and it was great to hear some of her recommendations for super tasty jam combinations. Cointreau and fig sounds like a keeper.

After an hour and a half of jam making I felt reassured in knowing that it’s never too late to learn something new. Laneway Learning offers a modern-day form of education. The low-cost and informal set-up removes all pressures of conventional learning. It feels more like a ‘sharing’ program, a way of meeting new people and exchanging fun random knowledge. New classes are released weekly and they fill up fast. I may be the new kid here but I’m already looking forward to next weeks class!