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Being new to a community is often a daunting process. Trying to make a place for yourself in your new ‘local’ or  bumping into your neighbors for the first time becomes stupidly scary. To top it all off, we are faced with the task of finding like-minded people in a suburb that is still so unfamiliar.

I moved to a my new suburb at the beginning of the year and it pains me to admit that I still do not know anyone in the area. Even just typing this now sends waves of shame over me. It’s like I’ve suddenly forgotten how to put myself ‘out there’.

I needed a boost, and luckily for me COMMUNITYOGA was just around the corner.



A friend had told me about COMMUNITYOGA a while ago, and after what had been a very emotional week I thought now was as good a time as any to give it a go. Their philosophy is simple…’To involve all members from the community…EveryBODY welcome.”
Welcome is an understatement. I was greeted by a room full of smiles – People excited to learn, excited to practice, and excited to be part of something. From beginners to advanced, young or old, the classes follow a common ideology of yoga practice – it’s all about being part of where you are, in that moment.
The class was fantastic. I felt the teachers push me to discover positions I didn’t think were possible. Everyone around me challenged themselves and their bodies beyond their expectations. I felt liberated.
COMMUNITYOGA has something to offer everyone. Whether you are new to yoga or a devoted Yogi, it’s a great way to meet people and discover your inner strength. What’s even better?…It’s a donation based initiative.
After this experience, I encourage everyone to involve themselves in something local. Who knows what it could lead to.