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For all the vegan/gluten-free conscious people out and about in the city, Smith Street, Collingwood is definitely a good direction to head towards. With popular eateries such as FRIENDS OF THE EARTH, SOUL FOOD CAFE and GRUMPYS GREEN well and truly marked on the map, TOMBOY has found a new place to call home.

The new addition to hipster central Smith Street is a vegan friendly bakery for all sweet treat lovers. Yes, you are sure to find the ‘industrial chic’ decor once again in this small yet perfectly sized cafe but they are certainly doing something a little special here. The attention to detail and personal touches throughout are just delightful. This place tells tales of history and a love for old-fashioned home-style cooking.


First up, I order my coffee for the morning. The long black arrives with a perfect crema, not too hot and full of caramel flavors. To accompany this I wander towards the display. Intrigued by the homemade chocolates and covered fruits in the window, I opt for the burnt butter chocolate square and chocolate dipped figs.

Both were sensational. A crisp burnt butter shell coated a ganache like center of bittersweet dark chocolate. The fig was deliciously plump and dipped to perfection with even more delectable dark chocolate. I took my time and savored every mouthful.

For those wanting a more savory bite, the menu offers a fantastic selection of fresh, colorful, wholesome dishes. Whether it’s a freshly baked ciabatta stuffed with ripened sun-blush tomatoes, freshly picked basil and deliciously creamy fior di latte or the chunky pie of the day (on a gluten-free biscuit base of course), filled with roasted beetroot, feta, fine sliced chilli and a generous handful of toasted walnuts; something is bound to take your fancy.

For one last treat I headed out back to investigate the ‘terrace area’. The owners love for traditional baking is proven in the bathrooms where utensils from family members past and present grace the walls and pay tribute to recipes given through generations.

Morning sun beamed over the whitewashed brick and made glistening reflections from the mirrors scattered across the back wall.

Wednesday morning tea. Done.


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  1. Oh I adore Tomboy! One of the first cafes I visited when I moved to Melbourne. Spent many a Saturday morning watching the world go by from their windows.

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