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One of the best things about the city of Melbourne is that it never fails to surprise. Whether you have lived here for 30 years or just 30 days, you are bound to stumble upon a new addition to the city every time you wander the streets. It excites us, fills us with intrigue and makes every day just that little bit more special.

PLATFORM does just that.

Every commuter, traveller and resident of Melbourne at some point in time, will use Flinders Street Station. Most people approach the station via its front entrance, and why wouldn’t you?

However, if you were to approach the station from underground, you would discover a hidden community of ARTISTS and CREATIVES.


The subway leading pedestrians from the city streets to the station hosts exhibitions all year round from emerging artists. Creating pubic contemporary art spaces is the aim of the game, and it does just that. There are 13 large glass-fronted cabinets that were originally intended for advertising displays but now house contemporary artworks.

Next time you’re on your way home, discover a local artist en route.